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This Blog has had a rather bumpy journey to this point. It was meant to help me promote my Runners Dating Web Site – Runners Dating Central, but I wanted to choose a topic that I could relate to. Travel was an easy choice.

I worked in the Travel Industry for more than 20 years and enjoyed creating travel plans for my clients. When my company started promoting travel for marathon runners, I managed the Web Site.

Run the World went from being Blog promoting romance and friendship to being a specialised Travel Blog for Runners. I admit it has not been easy and I have missed deadlines, so I have decided structure it differently.

I have resisted a Domain Name and will be hosted on my server.I will be able to find sponsorship and sell advertising to make it a viable project.

The move and relaunch of the site will be happening in Sepetember, and details will be posted here.


This is so cool!

Saw this on a Tweet from Runners World (@runnersworld)
Heli – Running Get dropped off on a mountain top and and get yourself down.
Read how RW Shoes & Gear Editor Jeff Dengate joined Altra Running founders Golden Harper  and Brian Beckstead did it.


Maui Oceanfront Marathon, 20 January 2012, Hawaii

Maui Oceanfront Marathon, Sunday 20 January 2012, Hawaii.

The Race
• Destination Hawaii
• Destination Maui
• Getting There
• Where to Stay
• What to do.
• The Essentials – VISA, CURRENCY and INSURANCE

The Race

Race Date 20 January 2013
Starting Time Walkers: 04.30 Marathon: 0545
Events 5km, 10km, 15km, Half Marathon, Full Marthon, Marathon Walk
Official Web Site
Course Map
Register Online
Race Director: Les Wright

Destination Hawaii

Hawaii forms part of the United States of America. It is the last of the 50 States and was admitted in August 1959. It is also the only U.S State that comprises entirely of islands.

Hawaii, the name of the State is also the name if the biggest island, also referred to as the Big Island. It possible that the Spanish visited the Islands around 1555, but the first documented visit by Europeans was in 1197 by Captain Cook.

Hawaii is often referred to a Paradise. With warm blue seas, pleasant weather throughout the year, Hawaii certainly deserves the title.

Web Sites about Hawaii

Tourist Board
Lonely Planet

Destination Maui

Maui, the Magic Isle, is the second biggest island in Hawaii. Maui is holiday resort, and high season falls mainly during their winter, when the weather is bad elsewhere is the USA. Temperatures are pretty much the same through the year with the rain occurring in winter. Maui also has several micro climates with the coastal plains, interior valley and mountain peaks.

The winter months are ideal for whale watching. Thousand of Humpback whales migrate to the warm waters around the island. The nonprofit Pacific Whale Foundation offers several whale watching cruises staffed by marine naturalists.

Maui like all holiday resorts is fairly laid back as far as dress goes, Pack some smart casual clothes for the evening and remember to take a jacket for the evenings when it gets cooler. As you will be visiting Maui in the rainy season, take a light waterproof jacket.

Web Sites about Maui

Weather Webcams
Fast Facts about Maui
Tourist Board
Wiki Travel
Handcrafted Ales & Lagers

Getting There

South Africans wanting to take part in the Maui Marathon need to be aware of two important factors, it is far to travel and you are looking at between 40 to 50 hours traveling time with at least two flight changes in each direction. The next factor you need to be aware of is it is going to be expensive.

You need the services of a Professional Travel Agent to help you plot an itinerary that will get you there and back as cheaply as possible and with the least amount of stress. A Travel Agent has access to the best deals available across a range of airlines their service fee will end up saving you time, money and stress.

Travel Web Sites

Association of South African Travel Agents (ASATA)
Club Travel
Last Minute

Where to stay

The Race Web Site recommends several Hotels, however, you may want to look at the following less expensive options

Race Web Site – Accommodation
Maui Seaside Hotel
Maui Beach Hotel

What to do

You have seen it umpteen times in the movies, white sands, clear blue water, palm trees, sun bronzed tourists on loungers with exotic drinks served with little umbrellas – Maui has more than 80 beaches and a coastline that spans 12o miles. For the best beaches, see Frommers Guide to Maui’s beaches.

Watch a magnificent sunrise from the top of Haeakala Crater (9740 feet above sea level) Maybe, getting up that early so soon after the race is not your thing. Then take a four hour horseback tour around the crater, and enjoy a prepared lunch at the end.

And you cannot travel half way around the world without go to a Luau. A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feats that will include food and entertainment.

Things to do

Frommers – The Best Beaches
Haleakala National Park
Wikipedia – The Luau
Maui Luau Guide

Travel Essentials

1.) Visa

Hawaii is part of the United States of America and South Africans need a Visa to visit the USA. You are advised to obtain your visa before paying for your air tickets and to do so at least 60 days before. The procedure is explained on the US Embassy’s Web Site. 

Remember that if you transit or make a stopover in a third country, may need a visa. Contact the Visa Service to find out.

2.) Inoculations

Contact the Travel Clinic in order to get the latest information. Contact the Travel Clinic to check.

3. ) Money Matters

Hawaii is part of the USA, and the US Dollar is the currency used. You will have no problem finding an ATM or using your Credit Cards.

4.) Insurance

Do not tempt fate, anything can happen to you from a sprained ankle to heat exhaustion, You are a way from home, where you have your own doctors and medical aid , here you are at the mercy of a system that is foreign to you. Travel Insurance can help smooth the way when you need help. And even when you pay for your air ticket with a Credit Card and get free insurance, you need to top up.

Contact Travel Insurance Consultants for assitance.

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Reggae Marathon, 1 December 2012, Jamaica

The Race
• Destination Jamaica
• Destination Kingston
• Reggae
• Getting There
• Where to Stay
• What to do.
• The Essentials – VISA, CURRENCY and INSURANCE

The Race

Race Date 01 December 2012
Starting Time 05h15
Official Web Site
Course Map
Download Registration Form
Register Online
Address Reggae Marathon Limited, 87-89 Tower Street, Kingston, Jamaica
Telephone (876) 922-8677
Fax (876) 922-0155
Contact Form

Destination Jamaica

Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean, became British Colony in 1655 and finally gained its independence in 1962. The official language is English, although the locals speak an African-English Creole.

Today, Jamaica is a modern country with a digital communication system, as well as a modern transport infrastructure. The island is served by 3 airports.

Jamaica has been home to some rather colourful characters like Bob Marley (see the section on Reggae below) and the author of the James Bond books, Ian Fleming

But Jamaica has some sporting oddities you would not associate with the sub-tropical Caribbean.

Oddity One – it has Rugby League Team.  And here is a gem of information that my South African readers will appreciate; in their first International encounter with the USA, they lost to the US 37 -22.

Oddity Two – it has a Bob Sleigh Team, made famous in the film Cool Runnings

And for those who want to visit a ramshacle bar by the waters edge, you have to visit Floyd’s Pelican Bar.

From BootsnAll

Perched on stilts on a sandbar, Floyds is made completely of driftwood and palm leaves. Bring a sharp object and you can carve your name in the floor. It looks like it might fall over, but it’s surprisingly sturdy.

Floyds sits about a mile off the south coast of Jamaica in Parottee Bay and local fisherman will take you out there. There’s nothing like a cold beer in the middle of the ocean, doing a bit of snorkelling and enjoying a fresh lobster meal prepared by Floyd himself. You might spot some pelicans and a few sting rays too.

Web Sites about Jamaica

Jamaica Tourist Board
Lonely Planet

Destination Kingston

Kingston, the Capitol of Jamaica, lies on the south eastern part of the island, was founded in 1692. it is also the biggest English speaking city south of the USA.

South Africans will understand that when visiting Kingston, you need to be aware of your personal safety. Like you would do at home, pay attention to your surrounds. The following is from Lonely Planet;

Sadly, security does require mention – the threat of crime in Kingston can never be dismissed. Pockets of the west Kingston shantytowns are as dangerous as any place on the planet, and their volatility can spill over onto the downtown streets after dark. Be sure to follow safety directives, ask your hotel for guidance and keep your wits about you. If you do, a week spent in Kingston repays the curious mind the way few legs of a Jamaican trip can.

A visit to Port Royal, once the Pirate Capitol of the Caribbean, will take you back to time recently made real by the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. You can visit Fort Charles, where Horatio Nelson served as a young lieutenant.

If you are looking to absorb the atmosphere of this unique island, take time to explore Down town Kingston. This is fairly easy as Kingston is laid out in a grid pattern, but if you get tired or lost, you can flag down a taxi.

The Craft Market is is at western end of Ocean Boulevard (not open Sundays). Browse the local crafts, jewellery, tee shirts and basket ware. Drift down to harbour and explore amongst the fishermen, pelicans and vendors.

Web Sites about Kingston

Lonely Planet
Wiki Travel
Port Royal
Horatio Nelson,_1st_Viscount_Nelson


Kingston is the birthplace of Reggae. Be sure to visit he Bob Marley Museum, to learn more about this music pioneer.

Now here is one that really surprise – Bob Marley singing Hotel California (made famous by The Eagles)

Web Sites about Reggae

Bob Marley Museum
Bob Marley Web Site

Getting There

There are no direct flights from South Africa to Jamaica. You can travel via the USA or Europe. You are best advised to use the services of a Travel Agent who can help you find the shortest route and the best fare. You must remember when travelling via a transit point you have to make sure you have enough time to change flights, that you luggage has been forwarded on. However transit can and will add to your travelling time, time between flights can be lengthy, so when choosing an airfare look at how long you are travelling, time spent at in between points, because the cheapest fare is not always a bargain if you arrive at your destination after a long ans stressful journey.

A search on TravelStart showed Delta as being the least expensive from Johannesburg, departing on the 28th November, allowing you 2 days to acclimatise once you reach Jamaica and departing on 11 December, because if you are going to travel to an exotic and romantic destination, you need to take sometime to enjoy it. The fare including taxes came to R18,873.00.

Travellers from other countries can search for the best fare on Travelocity or LastMinute.Com

Travel Web Sites

Association of South African Travel Agents (ASATA)
Club Travel
Last Minute

Where to stay

The Race Web Site recommends several Hotels in Negril close to the start, however, you may want to look at the following less expensive options

Negril Treehouse

Lighthouse Inn

Errols Sunset Cafe


Race Web Site – Accommodation
Negril Treehouse
Lighthouse Inn
Errols Sunset Cafe
Firefly Beach Cottages

What to do

There is so much to do in Jamaica, you could go on a Dog Sled Tour or feed the Sharks. You can imerse your self in history or go and swim in the warm blue see. And here is a bonus activity – Encounter with Dolphin.

If you like your Coffee, and seriously who doesn’t – Jamaica is the home of the famous Blue Mountain Coffee.

The NileGuide has a list of 399 things to do when in Jamaica, so why not go ask a local.

Things to do

399 Activities in Jamaica
Dog Sled Tour
Feed the Sharks
Dolphin Encounters
Jamaica Coffee
Blue Mountain Coffee

Travel Essentials

1.) Visa

South Africans do not require a visa to enter Jamaica. However, because you cannot fly directly to Jamaican, you may need a visa to transit trough a thrid country. Also keep in mind, planes can get delayed and you may find yourself having to leave the transit lounge because of delays – consult a professional Visa Service or your Travel Agent to avoid a stressful situation later.

2.) Inoculations

Compulsory :Yellow Fever (If coming from an affected area/country).
Recommended :Hepatitis A & B / Typhoid / Tetanus / Polio.

Check with your nearest Travel Clinic

3. ) Money Matters

ATM – you will find 24 hour ATMs at most City Banks and branches and in more remotes areas at garages.

US Dollars are widely acceptable in Jamaica but you are advised to carry some local currency with you. The local currency is the Jamaica Dollar known as the ‘jay’ and comes in denominations of J$50, J$100, J$500 and J$1000.

All Major Credit Cards are accepted in Jamaica.

Moneychangers (cambios) can be found in every town or village and offer rates lower than banks and charge a higher processing fee.

Travellers Cheques are widely accepted.

4. )Insurance

Do not let an accident spoil your trip – always take Insurance. Even when paying with a Credit Card – you need to top up your free beifits.

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The Greek Classic Marathon – 11 November 2012

  • The Race
  • Destination Athens
  • Destination Greece
  • Getting There
  • Where to Stay
  • What to do.
  • Visa
  • Where to get more information

The Race

The 30th Athens Classic Marathon will take place on Sunday 11 November 2012.  Race includes 5 and 10 km runs as well as Race Walking. It has been given Gold Label Road Race status by the IAAF

This is where the Marathon has it origins. In 490 BC, Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to tell them that the Persians had landed.

The course starts in the town of Marathon,  where it passes the tombs of the Athenian soldiers. Between the 10km and 31 kn part of the course you climb what is considered to be most difficult  uphill of any marathon. The race finishes at the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens.

Destination Athens

Athens is one of the worlds oldest cities going back about 3400 years. Athens is widely regarded as the Cradle of Western Civilisation and the birthplace of Democracy.

But Athens is not a collection of crumbing history, but a modern and vibrant city, it is busy undergoing a radical renewal that did not stop with the 2004 Olympics. Possibly the most dramatic changes is that car are no longer allowed in the historic centre, making it into an archaeological park, where the past and present meet.

Quick Facts
Population                  Approx. 4 million
Currency                      1 Euro = 100 Cent
Opening Hours         Mon and Wed: 9 a.m-2.30 p.m
Tue, Thu, Fri: 9 a.m-2.30 p.m, 5.30 p.m-8.30 p.m
Sat 9 a.m-3 p.m. (Other opening times may be found.)
Tourism Office         Tsoha 24, Athens
Tel:                              +30 210 870 70 00
Opening hours:        Mon-Fri 8 a.m-3 p.m

Emergency Numbers 

Police 100
Fire 199
Ambulance 166

Download the Free City Guide for Athens from Arrival Guides

Destination Greece.

Greece has been a lot in the news lately, and for all the wrong reasons.  Greece is in debt, so what! The birth place of Plato and Aristotle has survived other crises, it will survive this. Greece has so much to offer the world, our Western Democracy has its roots in Greece. The Olympics and the Marathon originated in Greece. This is a country that re-invented itself in order to celebrate the 2004 Olympics – it will survive.

Greece is the sum of many parts, history, culture, warm clear blue seas, sandy beaches, good food, great wines. From the busting sophistication of Athens to the laid back rhythm of Myconos,

There is something for everyone in Greece

Getting There.

When it comes to choosing an airline to fly to Athens with, you are spoilt for choice.  I would suggest using a consolidator such as Club Travel  or Flight  Centre.  You also consider flying direct into  Athens using Olympic Airlines.

Where to Stay.

You can take the independent route and organise you own accommodation, but I would recommend that you use a package that has been specially created around the Athens Classic Marathon.

Race Support is included as follows:

  • race entry,
  • entry fee and processing,
  • transportation to and from the Expo,
  • transportation to the start,
  • transportation from the finish back to our hotel,
  • pre-race orientation with review of all details about the race,
  • our own sweep vehicles,
  • our own support station at the half,
  • additional snacks and refreshments at the half and the finish,
  • runner tracking from the start to the finish and a personal photograph outside the stadium.

You can choose from a 6 Day/5 Night starting at USD 1695 per person or 12 Day/11 starting from USD 2698.00 per person.

What to do.

I you have chosen to take the package from Apostolos Greek Tours, describe above, I honestly recommend that you get their advice before embarking on any sightseeing.

But you cannot visit Athens without: (these are from Top 10 Things to Do in Athens on a Backpacker’s Budget – ‘cos the Rand is in worse shape than the Greek Economy!)

1. Eat like a Greek.
2. Get some Worry Beads
3. Scope out a Greek Orthodox Church
4. Walk the Acropolis (Seriously, Greece was young when Africa was simply the Dark Continent.
5. Shop the Plaka
6. Day Trip to Meteora (Well worth it, if you can find the time)
7. Tour the National Archaeology Museum
8. Have a drink or two of Ouzo (my take on No. 8)
9. Dance the Night Away – after the race!
10. Enjoy the beach and just chill.


South African Citizens require a Schengen Visa to visit Greece. You must obtain it in advance and cannot obtain it on arrival. Without the necessary visa stamped in your passport,  you will not be allowed to board your flight.

1. Completed Schengen Visa application
2. Valid Passport
3. 2 recent Colour photographs
4. Itinerary
5. Air iticket
6. Proof of funds
7. Proof of accommodation

At the time of publication. The cost of a Visa for Greece is 60 Euros. Apply not later than 2 weeks before departure. Remember that should you visit anywhere else outside of the Schegen area, you may need another visa.

When applying for a visa, use a Travel Agency or Specialised Visa Service, it is worth paying their service fee to avoid the frustration of having your visa refused because you filled something in wrong.

For Currency & Insurance – see links above and on sidebar

Where to get more information




Marathon (Greek)

Apostolos Greek Tours,